Terra Magnum Capital Partners

  • We partner with entrepreneurs
    who have exceptional
    business acumen,
    drive and integrity
  • We develop young talent
    through accelerated
    learning, help them to
    thrive and succeed
  • We help portfolio companies
    realize exponential growth,
    strategic acquisitions and
    successful exits
Founded in 2016, Terra Magnum Capital Partners ("TMCP") is an investment firm that specializes in both direct investments and fund investments.

TMCP's experienced team is composed of individuals with extensive investment, operations and management experience in global fund of funds, local private equity funds, investment banks as well as regulatory bodies, obtaining meaningful insights and transactional experience in investment market. The unique combination of market knowledge, proprietary network and capital market expertise is expected to enable TMCP to secure attractive investment opportunities and grow its portfolio companies into market leaders in their respective industries.